Customised Workout plan with one on one online training sessions

The best customises workout programs for women / men and every individual specific designed by professional expert. Find the right workout routine to lose weight, tone and get the best results.

Customised workout plan for every individual specific to his/her needs and goals

Program will be made according to :

  • Injuries / injury history
  • Medical History
  • Fitness Level ( Beginner or Advance )
  • Goals and Objectives.
  • Equipment and facilities available 
  • All sessions will be held on video call

You Will Become a part of a closed community to celebrate all your achievements & solve you your queries

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How does this work ?

  • After enrolment our team  will contact you within 24 hours on your registered email id.
  • We'll send you a questionnaire ( fill it with as much details as possible for our better understanding )
  • Once w e receive  your answers , our team will start working on your workout program.
  • We will prepare your workout program within 2-3 working days of receiving your answers
  • Our team will contact you on your registered phone number and we will discuss the online training schedule and timings. 

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"Nothing contained in any of our plans is to be construed as Medical Advice.

Use of any supplements/drugs and exercise regiment should only be under the directions and auspices of a licensed physician. The writer does not claim to be a medical doctor nor does we support to issue medical advice."

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