11pc Resistance Band Tube Set

11pc Resistance Band Tube Set Kit

Heavy Grip Fitness & Health Exercise Men Women

Home Gym with Door Handle Anchor Ankle Straps

Carry Bag Combo

Resistance Training , Physical Therapy  & Home Workouts

  • HEAVY DUTY: 100% High-quality natural Latex is used to make this amazing product to ensure you have a great body workout and guarantees your safety 
  • HIGH DURABILITY: The high quality natural Latex gives this resistance band set high durability and makes it everlasting. Makes for a great workout for both men & women from beginners to professionals.
  • FLEXIBLE: The resistance band set can be used for low to high strength training. Do a full body workout from chest to abdomen. Choose a level based on your comfort level from 10lbs - 150lbs
  • VALUE FOR MONEY: 11 high-quality attachments are designed to give you the best workout experience. A handy carry pouch and a sturdy door anchor make it possible for you to bring the gym where ever you go. 
  • INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE: 5 fitness resistance bands, 1 door anchor, 2 ankle straps, 2 handlebars, 1 carry pouch 
  • Rs. 1,099.00
  • Rs. 2,199.00