According to WHO India is one of the most depressed country in the entire world. And because of depression many people have committed suicide. Suffering from mental illness doesn’t mean you don’t have friends or family or someone that loves you; sometimes you don’t even know that you are depressed it’s just a sad feeling a feeling of not wanting to do anything, it’s a feeling of emptiness. You just feel like a burden and you think that happiness is unattainable. It’s 2020 and mental health is still a stigma in India and because of this stigma many people are not able to tell about their feelings to anyone, they feel that if they will share they’ll be weak or nobody will understand. But isn’t it true, most of the times loved ones are in denial; they think it’s just a phase and you are just being childish. Although people have started talking about mental health but they have literally not implemented it; for example this guy will put a story about "being"kind and then on the other hand he bullies someone , like that is not very much kind my dear.

One of the misconceptions about depression is that people think that only adults can get it but that’s not true a 14 year old kid can also suffer through it.

So how should we bring a change?

The most important thing is to share and express. Talk to someone you trust, if you are not comfortable in talking write down your feelings. It will take some time for your loved ones to understand but they will understand as they love you and care for you. If not go see a therapist. It will help you because it will get better, you will get support and you will  be happy again.  AND BECAUSE YOUR LIFE MATTERS. On the other hand it is your duty also to "listen".So the next time someone tells you they are having a sad time be there for them and don’t make fun as it is important.